New Leadership in Europe - What is Needed in the Future?
European Senate
Date:May 25, 17:00 PM - 18:30 PM CET

The secret of good leadership is very complex. There are many things that enable a company to be more profitable. There are other things that lead to technological progress and innovation.

But there are also leadership strategies that help to value employees and motivate them. The real specialists manage to turn employees into proactive co-entrepreneurs and show them a sustainable perspective that not only helps them advance in the company, but in their own lives as well.

Which attitude leads to this success? What have been the secrets of success in corporate management in recent years? And what will we need in the future?


The European Senate of Economy and Technology takes great pleasure to invite you to the Digital Talk on the 25th of May at 5pm CET on “New Leadership In Europe – What Is Needed In The Future?” with a top notch panel. Do not miss the opportunity and join us in our new Virtual Technology Center.

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