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Irisbond creates a natural way of interacting through eye-tracking technology. Irisbond’s advanced software algorithms, based on artificial intelligence, capture eye movement and translate it into precise actions on a screen. Thanks to this, anyone can access all information naturally, intuitively and without the use of their hands; just by the eye gaze. Irisbond brings the so-called Touchless Interaction Technology, opening outstanding possibilities to new industrial processes, HCI technology, Neuromarketing, Health Care, and many more, and shows the world an innovative way to express our emotions and discover new paths. And we can achieve it with a gaze. Irisbond has been awarded with the COVID-19 Seal of Excellence certificate delivered by the European Commission (EC) for the project IrisGo. It offers a touch-free, intuitive and accurate control of devices and answers to the limitations of current systems as the only solution in the market that does not need any additional hardware, allowing an intuitive and contact-less interaction with devices.

Sustainable Energy & Agriculture Technology, LLC

Sustainable Energy & Agriculture Technology LLC (SEAT) develops clean innovative technologies while growing fresh high quality vegetables in micro-greenhouses At present, we are promoting social farming by Micro Greenhouses for a sustainable lifestyle. Please visit www.facebook.com/nearzerocarbon for current activities. Through our patented Near Zero Carbon (NZC) technology, we plan to: - Redefine the "consumer fresh"‚Äč market - Grow high quality produce at reduced operating costs. - Eliminate any diesel or propane based heating source by Solar PV based energy source. - Deploy Phase Change Material (PCM) based Thermal Energy System to reduce the peak load.

Waste Technologies LLC

Waste Technologies LLC (WTL) established in September 2013, is solid waste management, research & development, and equipment manufacturing company. We provide cost-effective, integrated, and reliable waste management solutions and services. We meet international safety standards and regulations. The Founder and Chairman, Dr. Moinuddin Sarker, and Founder & Co-Chairman, Dr. Anjuman Ara Begum Shelly, are the inventors of WTL’s ground-breaking technology and sole owner of WTL. They have become successful in developing innovative and unique technology for producing alternative Hydrocarbon Liquid Fuel from almost all types of Solid Waste Plastics with international patent rights. WTL continues to research and development activities under their leadership to achieve an automatic and integrated system for total solid waste management. They have been working on waste technology and management for the last 15 years. Their invented technologies are the main driving force of WTL. At WTL, we understand that waste management is not only an issue of cost and convenience, but is also a subject of social responsibility, and environmental sustainability. That is why our goal is to provide economically viable integrated solutions to the problems associated with total solid waste management and ensure a cleaner world for future generations. We are actively engaged in the development of new technologies to provide the highest possible efficiency in terms of producing Fuel, Gas, and Fertilizer from Municipal Solid Waste. We are on the way to provide our services in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Our services include Solid Waste Management, Fuel, Gas & Fertilizer Production, Landfill Management, Consultancy on Green Environment, Research & Development, and Manufacturing Turnkey MSW Plants & Machinery. Our main focus on integrity and honesty naturally extends to our employees as well as our customers. We offer our customers financial stability and security. We do not compromise on quality, safety, and training. Our intention is to exceed our customer’s expectations. Solutions We Provide 1. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to Fuel, Gas & Fertilizer (FGF): Large quantities of Municipal solid waste (MSW) are being produced every day around the world. However, MSW is not being managed properly. That is why it is one of the reasons for the adverse impacts of our climate. We can segregate Waste Plastics, Organic or Vegetation Wastes, and Miscellaneous Wastes from MSW using the conveyor belt both manually and automatically. With these segregated wastes, we generate Fuel, Gas, and Fertilizer. 2. Waste Plastic to Low Sulfur Fuel & LPG: WTL converts the Waste Plastic to Low Sulfur Fuel (Diesel & Aviation Fuel) and LPG. From 1 Ton of Waste Plastics, we can provide 1300L Diesel, 10 Cylinders (12.5 kg) LPG & 23L Aviation Fuel. 3. Organic Waste to Biogas & Fertilizer: We can produce Biogas & high characteristic Fertilizer from Organic Waste. 4. Energy Efficiency: We can ensure maximum energy efficiency by producing Electricity from plastic & organic wastes. 5. Pollution Control: One of the problems that the world is facing currently, is environmental pollution. Our green project reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) by diverting waste from landfills and converting municipal solid wastes into resources. 6. Emission Credit Aggregation: In our modern technology, almost no emissions are produced. The minimal solid residues remain at less than 2% with other commercial applications. 7. Potential Generation and Commercialization of Carbon Credits: We can reduce a certain amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gas emissions in the world through our unique patented technology and help to meet the nation’s emission target credit. 8. Reduce Landfill: Our technology can also minimize the demand for landfill space by the reduction of the waste volume. 9. Save Marine Aquatic Life by Reducing Pollution: The solid wastes contain various types of trace elements, chemicals that are carried by rainwater to rivers, lakes, and seas and can also seep into our groundwater. It has become hazardous for our marine aquatic life habitat in the world. In that case, our environment-friendly technique can play the role of life-savior by reducing pollution and also save our marine wildlife. 10. Effectiveness: Our input waste plastics to fuel technology is highly effective than any other technology. We yield 95-98% FGF (Fuel, Gas & Fertilizer) from MSW that will help in attaining the SDG-2030 goals of the world. 11. No Residue Remaining: Our methodology produces residues of less than 2% of the total weight of the plastic wastes. So, our system will help the world to achieve climate goals by converting all types of MSW to FGF with minimum residues. 12. Existing Dumping Conversion: Nowadays in developing countries, open dumping has become a matter of concern. Mostly, wastes in developing countries are dumped in open spaces or incinerated. WTL’s technology provides waste management systems for all types of waste. Thus, there will be no burden on the landfill for waste disposal. 13. Economical & Cost-Effective: We introduce our innovative technology in the world that is cheaper and simpler than any other system. 14. Integrate Solid Waste Management: We provide an integrated waste management system throughout the world based on the desires and requirements of the clients. 15. Volume Reduction: We can reduce the waste volume by almost 100% and be able to convert all types of MSW into useful Hydrocarbon Fuel, Biogas, and Organic Compost.

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