Asantys Systems GmbH

Asantys Systems is a 360° service provider for solar projects in Africa and Asia. As a solar EPC and system integrator we provide turnkey solutions and as act as a one-stop shop for all kind of solar projects like mini-grids, telecom, pumping, C&I, diesel-PV hybrid systems, etc. With more than 10 years experience in Africa we can serve our customers with experienced engineering, best pricing from high quality suppliers and additional services like project management, trainings, financing etc. Let us solarize your life!

Simbatu Limited

Simbatu is Africa's No1 marketplace for high quality and affordable clean energy solutions. We are aggregators and distributors of clean energy products and accessories from globally reputable brands and manufacturers from Europe, Asia and Africa. Through out retail stores, agents and online shop (, we will provide last mile access to clean energy products and services for the Nigerian market and extending to other African markets.


Wininvest Vastgoed

Energy Council

It is the vision of EUTEC that everyone should have access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy, technologies & services by 2030 to realise an expansionary growth path, that builds on the use of modern clean & ressource-efficient technologies so meet the objectives of the SDGs, Paris Agreement and EU Green Deal. EUTEC is a non-profit business organisation that by mission supports countries and businesses in their energy transition characterized by integrated infrastructure, where the use of modern technologies for energy generation, distribution and usage is optimised by better interlinkages and coordination. Our approach is that as a EU-driven technology-open platform for community engagement and know-how transfer we promote sustainable growth of industries and jobs within and linked to the energy sector by - offering the opportunity for professional exchange on the forefront of technology developments; - raising awareness for clean technologies that follow SMART objectives; and by - assisting clean energy technology providers with B2B, B2F and B2G support.

W&H Solar

Aquahara Technology GmbH

In many regions where seawater desalination is not available and lakes, rivers and groundwater wells are depleted, extracting water from the air can be a more convenient and economical solution than paying for water truck deliveries. Especially for house owners not connected to a public water network. After 4 years of research and development, we are now launching the Aquahara Water Pavilion, the most efficient solar water generator, producing around 200 liters (52 gallons) of water per day through all seasons with just over 100 m² (1000 sq. ft.) of solar collectors. This is sufficient to supply water to your whole house and makes you independent from unreliable water sources. The Aquahara Water Pavilion uses a fully renewable and highly efficient process with a concentrated salt solution to extract water from the air even in a dry desert climate. It does not require any external power. And the best: the water is pure and tastes great. Our system is more cost-effective than any other water-from-air solution. Competitors have systems based on grid or generator electricity (often this means burning fossil fuels). Our systems includes all the solar modules and is completely green and autonomous.

Viking Wind ApS

Viking Wind is the manufacturer of small wind turbines. Our turbines are flexible and easy to adapt to Wind turbines, which makes them very effective. The Viking wind turbines are compatible with stand-alone systems (also called off-grid systems), where the turbines deliver the energy production directly to an independent unit and are thereby not connected to the electrical grid. That means the wind turbines can be placed in areas, where there is no access to an established electrical grid or at places, where the coupling to an electricity supply meter and any added subscription is economically unsustainable. That makes the wind turbines very valuable in sparsely populated areas and/or remote areas without electricity supply. This could e.g. be isolated settlements or refugees camps as this solution permits lighting, heating, communication with the outside world and a lot of other necessities, which are essential to a community in the 21st century. Viking Wind turbines are Danish designed and produced to assure superior quality. Our goal at Viking Wind is to deliver affordable household wind turbines for the world.

Little Lilly World


Global Business Inroads


The PHGD Group mobilizes technology to produce better and consume less. Group companies provide consulting services to help the public and private sector manage environmental transitions and innovative energy solutions to foster energy autonomy. PHGD companies represented at the booth include: - Hagrath, transformative practices consulting for environmental transition - Flexeole: innovative small-scale wind solutions, offering efficient and flexible power for energy autonomy - Soleilpourtous: a unique plug & play solar solution. Zero emissions, zero hassle, for consumers unhappy with price and reliability of grid suppy. - Ki-Tech: cutting-edge magnetic generation technology, offering 24/7 emissions-free production. PHGD Founder and CEO John Crowley, who will be present at the booth all through the day, spent 18 years in the UN system and has extensive African experience. PHGD is committed to leveraging its technologies and know-how for development in real-world conditions.

Johne Unwelttechnik & Consulting

Lotus Project

GCS mobile solutions GmbH

Hydrogenprospera Inc.

ABOUT US--------- NATURE-INSPIRED DESIGN TO HELP FIND MORE AFFORDABLE AND SCALABLE SOLUTIONS FOR GLOBAL CHALLENGES IN AFRICA, GERMANY AND BEYOND------ THE SUN IS OUR MAIN ENERGY SOURCE. HOWEVER EXISTIG TECHNOLOGIES DO NOT CONNECT US PRPERLY TO THIS ENORMOUS ENERGY SOURCE. THIS PROBLEM IS AFFECTING AFRICAN COUNTRIES DUE TO THE LACK OF OIL AND OTHER ENERGY RESOURCES. WE BELIEVE THROUGH COLLABORATION WE CAN ACHIEVE 24/7 GLOBAL CLEAN ACCESS BY HARVESTING INFRARED RADIATION. For example, the earth receives around 1000 Watts/m2 of solar radiation during the day. This heats up the earth which then re-emits around millions of gigawatts infrared during the night. Our invention offers a method of harvesting this energy source. Most of this energy is in developing regions facing energy shortages and blackouts at night and this can offer a solution in these regions and beyond. There is much research in rectennas and nano-antennas for harvesting infrared radiation. However, these components have limited surface areas and hence will not be economical when they come to the market. Infrared obeys the law of refraction and reflection. It is therefore important to design large surface collector for harvesting infrared radiation for more energy access during the night. If we can readily generate energy from infrared radiation at night then this will reduce or eliminated the need for expensive batteries used for energy storage. OUR CONCEPT DESIGN APPROACH------ All energy generation methods in the universe are optical and hence non-solid. The sun itself consists of hydrogen and helium gases and is hence non-solid. It is only on earth that we find the use of components made of solids-based equipment such parabolic mirrors and solar panels for energy generation. Climate change is a very large system and requires a solution which is scalable to operate on a similarly large scale. Our Founder/inventor has been working on the inventions as a personal challenge for over twenty years. A optical and hence non-solid method of concentrating solar radiation holds the potential to offer a sustainable solutions for both Africa and industrialized countries. COLLABORATION IS ESSENTIAL FOR GLOBAL CHALLENGES OF THIS SCALE. THANKS TO EUTEC CHAMBER TO BRING DIVERSITY OF STAKE HOLDERS TO TACKLE THESE CHALLENGES.



LD7 is a bridge-builder between large established corporations and small innovative market entrants, it is a great pleasure for us to join the EUTEC Chamber family. LD7 accompany and lead companies through their digital transformation to develop and launch sustainable business models and to find answers to their clients’ most critical key industry challenges. EUTEC is looking forward to the path with LD7 and to make positive impact in the world.

Mattner Engineers & Advisers

Mattner Engineers & Advisers was founded by Bernd Mattner, entrepreneur, advisor, and engineer with more than 30 years of business experience in the automotive, aerospace and industrial area. As a board member of the EUTEC Mobility Council and the Global Partners Bayern Association he is involved in project-oriented internationalization with a focus on affordable, sustainable and smart mobility. In the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Bernd supports the advancement of Systems Engineering for organizations and individuals to improve the capabilities to handle complexity. Bernd founded his first company in the mid 1990’s and was engaged in several national and international aircraft projects as engineer, project manger and team leader. He took on various roles in industrial companies and SMEs in product development, business development and department leadership. Since 2020 Bernd Mattner is engaged by the AUTOSAR partnership to support establishing AUTOSAR as the global standard for software and methodology enabling scalable E/E system architectures for future intelligent mobility supporting high levels of dependability, especially safety and security. He is convinced that we will meet global challenges only by collaborating together.

Startup Phase: E-Mobility Sharing Economy Services

EMSES is a global boutique consulting firm for sustainable business and digital transformation with the head office in Munich Germany. As they said: “We help our global ecosystem residents reinventing their business success and achieving a breakthrough in sustainable digital transformation. Following the same vision, we join our forces to shape an open purpose-driven future mobility, connect work & life to promote sustainable global social transformation.” EMSES is able to share knowledge, best practices and expertise in data-driven AIoT connected service design, as well as enterprise-level business and digital transformation in cross industrial service, technology and manufacturing. EUTEC is looking forward to the journey together with EMSES to effect a real change in how technology and business serves mankind though an ever-expanding global reach.


Mobility Council

EUTEC strives for a system change in mobility, solving problems by using new technologies in relevant building sectors. Urbanization is a vital source of future business solutions, yet new strategies must be developed to build the places where people live and work, as well as for the mobility systems that connect all the places together, in order to meet the profound challenges of the future. Constant traffic jams and pollution affect city life and threaten its economic growth and productivity. We can create sustainable, emission-free cities and increase wellbeing by tackling today's mobility challenges. EUTEC Mobility Council aspires to match trendsetting mobility solutions



Agrio Finans

VAI Capital

Smart City

ByteConsult GmbH

Innovate | Integrate | Activate For over two decades ByteConsult is supporting companies and municipalities in their digital transformation and opens up paths to the networked ecosystems of the future. Our customers include top brands, hidden champions, but also cities and municipalities. We call our mission RESULTING. We translate inspiring visions and innovative ideas into clear and ambitious goals, which we make transparently measurable using standardized models and tools. Effect control is always part of our services. We ensure sustainable success. To do this, we enable people and organizations to independently ensure their long-term success. We build the necessary technical and organizational infrastructures as well as skills and competencies in a targeted manner and ensure intrinsic motivation. To activate strategic business goals with the maximum power of digital transformation, we develop and operationalize strategies, integrate digital systems and processes, and change ways of thinking and working. In order to provide our customers with services of highest quality, we focus on areas of activity in which our teams of experts contribute their extensive skills. In this way, in conjunction with strong cooperation partners, we can position highly qualified top performers across the entire range of digitization of marketing and sales. Welcome, to the Resulting Company!

Urbana Smart Solutions S.r.l.


Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP

Smart City Council

The Smart Cities Council, an initiative of the EU Tech Chamber, to fulfil the ever more present need for urbanisation and connectivity. As more and more people are residing in cities, the cities of tomorrow have to become “smart”. Our councils’ purpose is to connect the relevant innovators and stakeholders, share concepts and collaborate.

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