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Ad Rem NV

Ad Rem is a Belgium based joint venture of Group Galloo, one of Europe’s leading recycling companies of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and Valtech, a holding containing 15 niche market engineering and construction companies that are mainly active in, or closely connected to the recycling industry. Based on the technological experiences of Group Galloo, Ad Rem has developed a range of equipment for the separation of shredder residues (shredder heavy fraction, and shredder light fraction) in non-ferrous metals, RDF, plastics… Our technology can also be used to treat WEEE residues, incineration metals etc. The heart of the process consists of a patented dense medium separation system (sink – float), but our total installations include feeders, screens, air separation equipment, water treatment and much more. Ad Rem can offer complete PST (Post Shredder Technology) lines that can handle up to 40 tons per hour turnkey. Ad Rem technology is the most competitive way to go if you want to treat shredder residues like ASR, WEEE, etc... in large quantities. The extra recovery of 2 to 4% metals, but also the separation of the organics inside the shredder residues to create a low chlorine fuel, and the separation of the plastic fractions, ensure a percentage of recovery that will be higher than any other equipment or technology. Our Mission: Providing solutions to improve resource recovery from shredder waste worldwide. Leading through technological innovation. Our Vision: Reinforcing our position in the global recycling market through technological (r)evolution. Offering long-term, high quality solutions.

Clear Walter GmbH

Clear Walter is an innovative and globally operating technology company, located in Germany, which is focused on investing into technologies used in the automotive industry as well as providing solutions for companies which are offering thermal management products across different industries (e.g. automotive & e-mobility, residential & commercial HVAC). Clear Walter has a high degree of expertise in the developing, designing and manufacturing innovative and highly efficient automation technologies used in automation assembly process for components used for the thermal management of battery cells in order to ensure full performance and the required service life. With the surge of the powertrain electrification, electrical energy storage and the thermal management are increasingly becoming key technologies of the drive concept. Besides the focus on the automotive industry Clear Walter is providing automation technologies for the production of industrial cooling equipment, e.g. heating, ventilating and air conditioning solutions in buildings or industrial refrigeration applications for commercial customers. A healthy climate and clean environment drives us Clear Walter understands the short-term urgency and long-term challenge of climate change. We, as part of society, would like to contribute to positive changes which are conducive to the improvement of the climate and environment. Clear Walter considers the 50% reduction of carbon emissions by 2030 as well as the long-term ‘zero emission’ plan by 2050 as both achievable and challenging goals. We would like to build our business in such a way that we are a part of the positive changes contributing to making our planet a better place to live.


Enabling companies to become climate neutral through using European technologies while contributing to the fulfillment of the UN SDGs at home but also where they have the biggest impact, in the developing countries 1. Measure Why should CO2 emissions be measured at all? CO2 is the most important climate-damaging greenhouse gas. CO2 heats up the atmosphere, which leads to climate changes and to glacier melt and sea level rise. Thus, there should be as little additional CO2 as possible in the air. At the Paris Climate Conference in 2015, all countries committed to only allowing warming of 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius by the end of the millennium. To reach this goal measuring emissions is the first crucial step towards climate neutrality. 2. Reduce Moving to a low-carbon economy is seen as the most effective tool in curbing climate change. Companies that do not prepare a decarbonisation strategy can face regulatory pressure to support the climate targets of the countries in which they operate. EU Tech Chamber aims to help companies to do that as it is also becoming more and more important for suppliers and sales partners that their goods are produced in a climate-neutral manner. Companies have several options for reducing their carbon footprint, from energy efficiency projects which we are happy to consult upon, to developing their own generation of renewable energy. Energy efficiency projects aim to reduce the company’s CO2 emissions due to lower energy consumption or fewer emissions per unit of energy. 3.Compensate & Communicate For the atmosphere of our planet, it is not important where on earth greenhouse gases are emitted. For the global climate it is also irrelevant where CO2 is saved. The basic idea behind compensating emissions is to offset a certain amount of greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be avoided. EU Tech Chamber’s climate protection projects serve this purpose. These are either projects that avoid the emission of climate-relevant gases, for example methane avoidance systems or wind turbines. It can also be afforestation projects that permanently remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and store them in carbon sinks. The transfer of the compensation payment to the climate protection project is controlled certificates. The possession of one of our certificates stands for a certain amount of CO2 that is saved by a project.

M&P Go.Blue.Now. - Jörg Tuchen

Climate protection must be simple! Our climate experts advise and support companies in developing and implementing a credible climate strategy and a feasible action plan. Our goal is to anchor effective climate protection permanently in your company. In doing so, you benefit from our experienced experts who, with know-how, motivation and great enthusiasm, implement a large number of diverse climate protection projects together with strong partners. We accompany you throughout the entire process: from the calculation of organizational and product-related CO2 balances, to the development and integration of a pragmatic strategy for CO2 reduction in your core business, to communicating your actions and results to your stakeholder groups. Go.Blue.Now. is accredited by BAFA, so that you can receive attractive subsidies for our services including implementation of solutions steps - this makes the first step towards a climate neutral company even easier. Contact us and we will show you how.

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