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Fundacion Icloby

GigWork GmbH

GigWork is a German company that has been based in Bonn, Germany since 2016. GigWork has reimagined temporary work in order to reduce the costs of temporary work for companies and to enable skilled workers to work more iself-determined. GigWork wants to get more people into employment.

Kiavila Avocats

Kiavila Avocats is a multidisciplinary law firm. Kiavila Avocats law firm supports clients in international tax law, international family law, corporate law and banking and compliance law. Prior founding the firm Carmen Kiavila, was trained in Paris, and worked as a Financial Auditor and a Consultant in Geneva. These experiences enable her to offer a broader view of the cases she advocates. Carmen Kiavila developed a pragmatic and innovative approach of her business. She supports companies and individuals in their business and in litigation in France and in Switzerland.

ETHICS & SDGs Commission

Enabling European companies to use technology on behalf of present and future generations to foster an inclusive, multi-faceted and prospering society. With Great Technology Comes Great Responsibility – TECHNOLOGY OBLIGES Special Focus on: EU TECH SDG Awards Corporate Social Responsiblity

Technology for Impact SC

Company overview: Technology for Impact is a next-generation management consulting firm with proven experience helping organizations navigate the existential challenges of stakeholder, sustainability and net-zero transformation. Technology for Impact is led by polymath Ariana Gómez, in coordination with a global cadre of senior consultants and subject-matter experts. We support organizations throughout their transition process by harnessing the power of impact strategy, advanced social and environmental sciences, philosophy, sustainable innovation, future foresight and exponential technologies.

SmartHead Co.

A digital company Sustainability Profile on SmartHead is a B2B solution for optimising a company’s performance (SMEs, Large companies) through effective measuring, reporting, and transparently communicating sustainability results. All your company’s sustainability data: activities, impacts, ESG metrics, SDGs, commitments, vision, reports, certificates, and press releases can be found in one place – with detailed analytics and reports to track and prove your progress to your stakeholders, whether internal or external (customers, employees, business partners, regulators, investors, and the general public). SmartHead's solution has earned the trust of multinational companies such as Tesco, Dell Technologies, McDonald’s, Citi, IBM, BMW, Oriflame, EY, Accace, and more.

Pablo Zafrilla Diaz

William Gartland Aznar

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