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RNA Change Management

It is crucial for organisations and social ventures to understand and gain control over change, transformation and impact process in order to increase organisation's value, resilience and consistency. We design and manage change, transformation and impact projects with global partners across Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa with our three business unit: Project base, Knowledge Base and Impact Base. Project Base assesses your organization's current culture and identifies the desired culture with Barrett Cultural Assessment Tools. Our projects are designed in line with Association of Change Management Professionals' standards to reshape your organisation’s culture. We support organisations in their cultural transformation projects as well as ‘diversity, equality, inclusion and belonging’, intrapreneurship projects and people-side of digital transformation projects. Our Knowledge Base will assist your organisation in changing the mindsets and developing skill sets needed for your team to manage and adapt the change and transformation. We support your organisation with the training, coaching and mentoring you will need during the process. Impact Base, supports social entrepreneurs who want to start their business around one or more of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and companies in managing their corporate social responsibility projects. We design, support and facilitate projects with organisations to balance their social impact, purpose and profitability. We would like to be your partner in your Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 3,5,8,10 & 17 Projects . We train potential founders from underprivileged backgrounds to offer them with an opportunity to gain financial independence. Our “Corporate-Home-School to Entrepreneur-C2E, S2E, H2E” programs help them to transform their ideas into companies. What makes us different are our respect for confidentiality, our global partnerships and our methodology. It is important for us to measure the change we create. We believe people process structure and technology sides of change and transformations are inseparable. Our focus is creating scalable and sustainable impact. We offer wide-ranging change and project processes in line with international standards. We aim to create real impact, and keep our ethos at the forefront of all that we do: “Change: For impact…” https://www.rna-tr.com/en/

Korteka JSC

Gen4Gen is a start-up which helps busy individuals with their daily tasks integrating trustworthy, experienced seniors as service suppliers who benefit from dignity and inclusion, because enjoying life should be normal, not a privilege. Gen4Gen amplifies human capability to connect generations for the benefit of all! Family members are very busy with work and career and do not have time to take care of their daily duties. On the other end of the spectrum we have the 55+ year old population who feel unwanted, emotionally destroyed and depressed as well as they lose part of the incomes they previously received. The aging population is growing rapidly, yet are still productive well after retirement or semi-retirement. Gen4Gen‘s consumer-to-consumer 2-sided digital market place matches supply and demand for all manner of services, ranging from basic household support, through to remote higher-end services. Gen4Gen utilises a machinge learning recommendation engine, based on supply side profiling, to best match task providers to the demand side of the economy. Gen4Gen provides zero friction on demand side service at a click, which is scalable across multipe geographies. Gen4Gen monetizes untapped spare capacity of seniors on 1 global platform that uses machine learning recommendations from supply side, based upon user profiling. A new emerging economy is made easily accessible to both seniors and the demand side. Silvertech is only emerging now globally and Gen4Gen is one of the first to provide this globally.

Zergratran Inc.

Zergratran develops and manages ESG and technology-focused infrastructure projects around the world that boost the efficiency of the global shipping and transportation system. Zergratran’s first project is Puerto Internacional Las Americas (PILA) in northern Colombia. The project will develop new ports on the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and transfer shipping containers through an underground tunnel system. PROBLEM: Global sea trade experiencing rapidly growing demand. The system is very stressed due to increasing port congestion and vessel and container shortages. Many, including the G7 nations, are now predicting that the congestion will take years of coordinated effort to sort out SOLUTION: Zergratran and Puerto Internacional Las Americas (PILA’s) proposed solution will be the focal point of a system-wide efficiency upgrade that is driven by automation and digitization. TECHNOLOGY: Fully automated ports, underground tunnels, advanced robot cranes, container scanning and security, and advanced power generation PROJECT BENEFITS: New trade route, more efficient infrastructure for global trade, increased trade, reduced port congestion, centralized global ‘distribution’ facility, sustainable development, sustainable transportation, risk reduction, social development, social impact, regional growth, and hunger reduction WHY US?: Our unique solutions, what have we achieved so far, our overall experience, country permissions and government backing, site knowledge, academic studies, and government & social relations. We are ready to move forward now. PROJECT PHASES: PRE-FEASIBILITY (9 –12 months, $2 Million) Approved by The National Infrastructure Agency of Colombia (ANI) to conduct Pre-Feasibility Study and conditional approval from ANI to move forward with Feasibility FEASIBILITY (12 –18 months, $500 Million) CONSTRUCTION (6 years, $15 Billion) INVESTMENT/CAPITAL REQUIREMENTS: Initial $2 million investment for PRE-FEASIBILITY will be used for: Continuing the process Project planning Financial modeling Define externalities Add technology details In exchange for: Equity plus pro-rata dividend based on profitability FEASIBILITY: Second $500 million investment Return: Equity plus pro-rata dividend based on profitability CONSTRUCTION: $15 Billion –Government Backed Bonds Return: 18% Coupon over 25 Years REVENUE DRIVERS: Fees: Container Port Pipeline Product Sales: Bricks Soil Water Energy Sales: Hydroelectric Solar SUMMARY OF FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS: Construction Costs: Pre-Feasibility, Feasibility, & Construction: 2020-2028: $15.5 Billion Financial Projections: Revenue: $3.2 Billion in 2029 to $15.2 Billion by 2050 Expenses: $1.25 Billion in 2029 to 7.6 Billion by 2050 Earnings (before Taxes, Depreciation & Amortization): $1.75 Billion in 2029 to$7.1 Billion in 2050 INVESTOR RETURNS: Initial $2 million Investment: Equity plus pro-rata of dividend based on Profitability Second $500 million investment: Equity plus pro-rata dividend based on Profitability $15 Billion –Government-Backed Bonds –18% over 25 Years

Innnovation Enterprise

ESGeo S.r.l.

ESGeo is a Techedge Group company, founded in 2019 to manage sustainability issues through technology. With presence in Europe, Latam and USA, ESGeo proposes as a specialized player for the integrated management of non-financial data within business processes. By combining the group's technological competences with managerial skills from the world of finance and sustainability, ESGeo is at the forefront in supporting companies in their ESG Digital Governance processes. ESGeo offers an integrated cloud application to easily and nimbly manage the entire value chain of the Environmental, Social and Governance factors through the monitoring, collection, management, securing and reporting of non-financial data. The ESGeo platform allows companies to collect non-financial data, create detailed sustainability reports, define budgets and monitor aggregated results even at the business-unit or individual manager level, optimizIng their supply portfolio in terms of sustainability. With ESGeo, organizations gain the ability to identify and measure the impacts of ESG factors, comparing the current positioning with respect to objectives, competitors and market best practices. Equipped with a structured workflow developed to ensure data traceability, it allows to increase the managers’ involvement in achieving corporate sustainability goals and improve communication with external stakeholders - including investors, rating agencies and financial institutions.

Consultant/Advisor -- Advocacy, Content, Communications, Outreach, Partnerships and Training

An individual with 25 years of diverse professional experience in the domains of training, public diplomacy/advocacy, writing, communications and outreach (including partnerships and networking). Hailing from a multicultural background, Sarah is fluent in 3 languages, including German. She is a Paul Harris fellow and an animal rights activist. Besides painting, Sarah is also a poet having published 3 books on poetry. She has written more than 500 articles covering diverse topics. Some portals/publications she has written for: The Hindu, The Tribune, The Statesman, Assam Tribune, Navodya Times, Terra Green, Business World (Education), India Today, Education World, People and Management, Diplomatist, India Management, The Sunday Guardian, Patriot, The Dialogue, The Logical Indian, CSR/NGO Box, Rural Marketing, News Nation, Imphal Free Press and others.

Techawatt Ltd

TechaWatt believes we are on the cusp of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). 4IR is characterised by emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, 5G, platform technology, blockchain, advanced robotics, 3D printing, autonomous vehicles, gene sequencing & editing, neurotechnology, human chips, among many others. Our vision is to be the global go-to training and advisory partner on the 4th Industrial Revolution. Our mission is to equip individuals, businesses, and governments with the knowledge on emerging technologies through training and strategy, to enable them thrive in their digital transformation journey.

Nichefin Consulting & Corpstage

Our smart future oriented corporate performance, ESG and impact management platform will enable your organisation to process and present validated outputs, outcomes and narratives with confidence and reliability without spending too much time and resources. Our platform is integrated with industry 4.0 technologies such as AI and Distributed Ledger Technology which provides a cutting edge to organisations to design their future business and sustainable strategies and track their goals and metrics. While the internal dashboard provides analytics and insights for effective performance and risk management, the external dashboard enables reporting of key financial figures and sustainability aligned with popular sustainable reporting frameworks. Our platform is suitable for companies of all sizes and non-commercial organizations. We stand for business transparency, fair play and equal rights for every stakeholder. We help our clients improve their governance and take care of their compliances.


exprobico -the experts for career, training and competence

Mastering digital transformation means, above all, cultivating your competences amidst a continuously evolving market. Innovations in information technology are ushering in new business models at a rapid pace, and these, in turn, radically redefine the value proposition of goods and services. We as an international network exprobico - the experts for career, training and competence recognize the urgency of this subject. Prof. Dr. Gudrun Frank, a mechanical engineer and an occupational scientist, use their 6-C Principle to identify, evaluate and develop competences for their clients. They will encourage you not only to brace for the challenges of digitalization, but to embrace the chances as well, for gaining competences also means gaining confidence. contact@exprobico.de Looking forward to meeting you!

Southern Africa institute of aviation Science and Technology

RÉSO Communications

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