Effective Improvement- Efi Ben Artzy

Efi was born in 1979 in Israel. He has been working both as a manager and as a consultant in various companies in Israel, Europe, and the US. Efi has a diverse background in companies’ excellence in various industries (Manufacturing, Services, High-tech, Healthcare, Startups, Etc..). He has been leading operational and business transformations to improve companies’ value to customers; Improving customer experience and success by implementing top-notch processes and better products. Efi is improving complex global operations and developing leaders and managers to achieve business growth. Among others, Efi is a mentor at Google for Startups and other startups accelerators, and working with Fintech, HR, Marketing, Gaming, Services, and Impact startups to achieve innovation and better product development. He is performing a vast pro-bono activity, trying to help entrepreneurs all over the world to become successful with their company’s- startups from Europe united states, the far east, and Africa. Efi is also teaching young teenagers and kids how to develop innovative ideas and fulfill them in the real world. Efi is also a guest lecturer in SWPS and collegium Da Vinci in Poland, teaching lean management, lean startups, and entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, he also established 3 companies of his own. He holds M.A in history and political science from TAU, he is a certified lean management coach and holds a certification in management and leadership from Wharton School in Pennsylvania. Currently, Efi is a board member of the chamber startup commission

CR Advisory

CR Advisory is a leading advisory firm delivering independent, strategic and financial advice to growth stage technology companies. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of our clients engaging in the consideration, preparation and execution of capital raising activities. We work with Sell Side Mandates, where we bring deep stage knowledge and transaction expertise to guide our clients through the challenges and pitfalls of capital raising in high growth environments. We also work with Buy Side Mandates where investors are looking for specific growth stage companies to invest into. Finally we offer Strategic Mandates, for Boards and CEOs that are faced with a number of strategic choices in advance of a capital raise event. For us, growth stage companies are those that have already completed early stage rounds of funding and are now seeking additional funding from new sources of capital.

Beyond Form

Beyond Form is a venture studio building impact-driven fashion technologies. We believe that the future of the fashion industry requires a more sustainable and innovative approach. To solve this, we partner with changemaking founders & corporates to build, fund, and scale fashion tech startups worldwide. Based inside our fashion tech lab in Paris, we work across the entire fashion value chain to uncover challenges that can be solved by disruptive technologies. Challenges dealt with include over-production & consumption, unused products and fragmented supply chains, which are all major issues for brands and consumers alike. We are building B2B and B2C companies that vary from digital & 3D fashion solutions, AI powered analytics, through to end-of-life & re-commerce platforms. High impact-potential is a core value and a must for every startup that we spin out. Beyond Form’s approach is operationally hands-on with every startup team by plugging them into our existing resources, ecosystem and fashion industry know-how that can’t be found elsewhere. This focus allows us to bring solutions to market at speed and with agility, which provides founders and corporates a non-traditional method of starting up. Thus, de-risking innovation whilst building bigger value and better returns for our stakeholders.

SmartBee Club sp. Zo.o. (LTD)

SmartBee Club is well designed immersive STEM learning experience for children age 6-12, powered by Augmented Reality technology, packed in boxes filled with unconventional experiments. Our main purpose is to explain in a creative and non-standard way the phenomena of everyday life and translate them into the laws of physics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, biology, and programming. The general idea that stands behind our concept is presented in linked video: Augmented Reality solution used in our concept is explained in following video:

FINANCE Commission

We aim to make European companies more competitive by helping them find the resources needed to compete and expand into new markets. Supporting Impact projects, in conjunction with the Mustard Seed-IHD is also an important objective of the Commission. In short, we focus on finding the right partners for our advocates so that they can achieve their expansion and growth plans.



We help businesses to reach their business objectives through use of Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

Blue Tree Advisors

Blue Tree Advisors is a Swiss company with an international network based in Geneva Switzerland since 2015. Blue Tree Advisors connects star-ups and growth-stage companies with business partners. Its network focus is Deep Technology companies in sectors including Blockchain, AI, FinTech and IoT. Blue Trees also appreciates the impact of female leadership on our world and actively support it. Blues Trees Advisors provides Investor Relations and Business Development services. For Investor Relations, Blue Tree identifies the best investors for your company and makes the right introductions, acts as feedback receptors and translators between technology and finance, operates with good governance and perform due diligence to build long lasting relationships. For Business Development, Blue Tree will broaden your exposure to new perspectives and provide the tools and experience to support your business model and strategy through all its phrases.

Broadgate Advisers SA (Suisse)

Broadgate Advisers is an established Advisory, Investment Management and Multi Family Office Services firm offering its services to Institutional Investors, Families, and sophisticated investors. Founded in 2015, the group holding is headquartered in Malta and maintains operating subsidiaries in Geneva, Kuala Lumpur, Abu Dhabi and Beirut.

Troc Circle

Our open netting platform allows all merchants to pay and get paid at the same time simply by offsetting your accounts receivable and payable on the go. For every pending receivable and payable, Troc Circle will find a netting deal. Consider Troc Circle as your smart payment and collection officer that allows you to get paid and pay without needing money.


The Future is now! At INOPTEC, we are passionate about vision. INOPTEC stands for innovation, optics and technology. – It is a decentralised European start-up company, run by experienced managers and engineers, primarily offering patented technology (B2B) and wearable consumer electronics (B2C) – both in the field of potentially life-saving human vision enhancement systems. However, we also offer industry partners consulting and R&D services around our patented core technologies and know-how. Regarding quick scalability, our focus is on our flagship product: self-adapting electronic eyewear.


MOTEG GmbH (MOTEG) is an innovative technology company located near Flensburg, Germany, which develops and produces electrical machines (motors & generators) and drives. Starting with an engineering office in 2014, MOTEG has developed a strong competence in the field of auxiliary units and electric motors for electric commercial vehicles (bus & truck) and motors for the automotive and aviation sector. Physics is its closest ally and together with the creativity, passion and experience of its development, process, software and application engineers, they have been able to master all technical and economic challenges of its customers. Based on this knowledge, they have decided to develop its own product families of electric motors and auxiliaries. MOTEG’s simulation capabilities and experience enable very short development cycles. As a result of its first own product development, a first production site was set up in 2017 and certified according to aerospace quality standards. In May 2021 MOTEG moved to its new, bigger production facility to cope with the growing demands of their already more than 40 different customers. Since 2017, we have focused on the automotive sector of commercial vehicles. MOTEG advanced fast in the development of auxiliary units for buses and trucks, so that Products are already much lighter, smaller and quieter than the competition. MOTEG’s mission is to become the number one supplier for commercial vehicle auxiliary equipment in Europe. A successful go-to-market within the next two years will therefore be critical to the strategy and success of MOTEG.

StarfishCapital GmbH

StarFish Capital is the boutique investment venture of Felix Schupp. The mission is to support tech companies during their startup and growth phase. StarFish Capital is located in Munich, Germany. Felix is a successful entrepreneur. He founded his first startup 1999 in San Francisco, CA. He gained extensive experience building teams, businesses, and scaling up. From 2010 Felix spent eight years in high profile management positions in publicly traded companies. Besides his computer engineering degree from San Jose State University, he also holds an MBA from the University of Chicago where he concentrated on entrepreneurship and strategy. Felix is an active contributor and former board member of YPO Munich, and organizes events for the ChicagoBooth Alumni Club in Germany. In his spare time, likes to ski, sail, travel, and spend time with his wife and son.

ConchaInvest GmbH

Concha Invest’s focus revolves around small innovative businesses in several investment sectors. Decades of work ranging from the medical sector to software companies have led to a large network of influential individuals that can help Concha Invest’s portfolio companies. Concha Invest believes in the importance of chemistry, shared values and aligned interests. Acting in good faith is extremely important to Concha Invest. We are delighted to have new advocate like Concha Invest who values the development benefits for the society, for mankind and for the planet to join us. Let us join hands and work together towards our mission #UNSDGs and make a difference.

Basinghall Partners ltd

Basinghall is a European venture fund that invests in early-stage companies with great teams and pioneering technologies that enable digital transformation across industries. Operating from London, Munich, Lisbon and Luxembourg, Basinghall believes that Europe has a unique industrial heritage and a strong innovative potential. Their mission is to support Europe’s competitive advantages by providing capital and valuable support to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Basinghall has expertise in commercialising innovative ideas, structuring valuable investments from early stage to exit, and know from personal experience what it’s like to build a startup. Basinghall focuses on proven B2B solutions that solve relevant technology and business needs along the value chain. Its business domains include Supply chain management, Product development, Forecasting & predictive analytics, Production, Service and Distribution&Marketing. Its technology domains include Artificial intelligence & Machine learning, Internet of Things, Robotics & 3D printing, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Augmented and virtual reality.

Kabena GmbH

KABENA is a pioneering investment boutique with own investments, together with its long-term business partners, in multiple asset classes based upon a sophisticated investment strategy. In corporation with its business partners, KABENA created and realized various outstanding projects covering Renewable Energy; Primary Materials; Direct Lending; Charity and etc. which closely connect with #UNSGDs. EUTEC is very much looking forward to the path with Kabena in realizing our mission #UNSGDs together and affecting a real change in the world.


Under the vision "learning through games and physical activity", Wittario wanted to change the way we learn. Wittario boldly wanted to change a 1000 year old proven tradition of reading and listening, by improving it using technology. Its mission is to increase learning for schools and business through gamification and movement. The result is the Wittario platform, that moves audiences off their office chairs, school desks and sofas and out onto a fun and effective hunt for knowledge. The best part is that anyone can create content and games for all. Wittario uses Augmented Reality (AR) and GPS-technology already accessible in our phones to create an immersive and fun way of learning. Games in Wittario can be both distance-based and location-based. Distance-based games gives everyone the opportunity to play from wherever they are located in the world, while location-based games bring the benefits of interacting with the real-world environment. Through our platform everyone is able to create their own tasks and games. What the game contains, is all up to you!


We deliver top quality AI products and services designed in response to individual business needs of each and every client. Our aim is to make your business thrive by building and implementing smart solutions based on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence latest technological trends.

TIMATE Sp. Zo.o.

TIMATE designed and has been developing a system for management of employees and their safety. It is a unique solution which combines the automatic recording of time and attendance, the optimal use of the working time, safety monitoring, daily assessment of task performance and motivation of employees. The system assists enterprises in the modification of business and production processes in order to achieve the highest levels of savings and efficiency. Learn more about TIMATE system:

FaradaIC Sensors

Current gas sensors are too large, expensive, and power hungry to be used in emerging applications like internet-of-things (IoT), indoor farming, automotive, and others, which demand smaller, more inexpensive components. A new gas sensor concept must be introduced that can address the needs of these new markets. We are miniaturizing the gas sensor on a chip using advanced materials and conventional microfabrication equipment used by the semiconductor industry. This is enabled by the introduction of new sensor designs and proprietary gas sensing materials that can be seamlessly integrated into the fabrication process. With this solution, the mass production of gas sensors that are small (<1 mm^3), inexpensive (<1 €), and fully integrated will be enabled. Our technology enables chip makers to produce gas sensors directly onto integrated circuits (ICs) resulting in small, low-cost devices. These, in turn, can be used for various IoT applications in indoor/vertical farming, transportation of perishable goods as well as in smart buildings in order to increase the yields, reduce waste or reduce the consumption of valuable resources.

TespLearning AB

NEWaste AB



All Impact

Blue Titan Capital Limited

Blue Titan Capital Ltd was Founded in 2019 and Appointed Representative of Messels Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN # 842967. We are a group of professional independent deal facilitators that have decided to combine expertise, networks and experience to offer our clients the best possible results. Expertise: our partners have dedicated their professional careers to fund raising, investor relations, and brokerage of alternative investments. We work in Private Equity, Venture Capital, Renewable Energies (Impact) investments and Real Estate. We help both world leading Venture and Private Equity Funds raise, and we also assist top calibre European Scale-up Founders achieve their growth ambitions by helping to raise Growth Rounds.


Salsup GmbH

SalsUp is the game changer for startups leveraging their market breakthrough in sales. It is the very first matching platform connecting startups and Sals Angels within the DACH region. By linking the smartest founders with Sals Angels – successful networkers, multipliers and purchasers – SalsUp is enabling maximum sales power for startups entering the market and thereby making both sides more successful. Located in Ergolding, Basel and Vienna, SalsUp facilitates the breakthrough of startups to both domestic and global markets. Its mission is to support young companies, latest innovations, and brilliant ideas to establish themselves onto the market and to ensure their well-deserved success. SalsUp’s unique, virtual showroom is the source for highly profitable, future business ventures: Startups are generating essential sales power and the right sales channels for their business. Sals Angels detect innovative products and latest developments. By using a corporate account, whole companies can match innovative products as well as fit and proper add-ons for their businesses. SalsUp turns smart founders and experienced networkers into a Perfect Match!


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