NetPoints Limited

NetPoints Limited is a distributed utility company that provides clean energy solutions tailored towards energy reliability in Nigeria. Our solar energy solutions empower businesses and rural customers through the design, sale and installation of affordable and reliable distributed energy systems. Our target business verticals includes but are not limited to healthcare, education, ICT, internet technology, agribusiness and micro businesses that are driving impact and producing positive economic outcomes in the rural or local economies.


Convinced that solar energy can be a lever for the economic and social development of Burkina Faso Energy & Services sets up a range of applications, then works in solar energy applied to agriculture with solar pumping solutions for irrigation.She offers reliable and durable submerged, surface and swimming pool pumping systems and supports households and SMEs in the realization of solar installations thanks to applied solar energy solutions electrification in isolated sites in back up or in mini power plant.

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Africa Chapter

EU addresses the very important continents´s transformation on two levels: Firstly, everyone should be empowered by having access to clean tech services, ICT & necessary business enabling infrastructures. Secondly, to support the local business and private sector in its keen ambition to become the global powerhouse, the EU industry - with the Green Deal & its innovative technologies - offers its support for Africa´s Agenda 2063. In this way, the key drivers for achieving higher rates of economic development and better terms of trade will be the integration of digital solutions as well as of high-value manufacturing & processing technologies for creating local jobs, entrepreneurship and more. We are a platform for community engagement to foster innovation with the support of digital know-how in order to provide well-tailored clean & resource-efficient technologies and services to customers by the following: - offering the opportunity for professional exchange on the forefront of technology developments; - establishing win-win partnerships between European technologies and African rising industries; - and by assisting clean energy technology providers with B2B, B2F and B2G support.

Bayern International GmbH

One of the central players in Bavarian foreign trade promotion is Bayern International, a company of the Free State of Bavaria. In cooperation with the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, many projects around the globe are organized every year. Since 25 years Bayern International has supported Bavarian SMEs in their export activities true to the motto “Service for your success abroad – Off to new markets”. An Extensive program is available, ranging from trade fair participations to delegation trips, entrepreneur trips and delegation visits.

Multicultural Consulting Services

The principal purpose and objectives of Multicultural Consulting Services are for the social purpose of promoting opportunities and maximising social, economic, environmental and cultural participation of communities and business . In advancing the objectives, MCS working in collaboration and partnership as well as sharing information by advancing technologies.

Innovea Hubs

Innovea Hubs is a Digital Innovation Lab registered in Nigeria with international network for promoting Excellence in Technology, Innovation and Digital Transformation in the New and emerging Economies. We on on a global Excellence to build and curate creative, sustainable, and innovative industry transformation processes Our collective expertise in IoT, Research, Cities, AI and ML, Cyber, Blockchain proffer lasting solutions to real life scenarios. We blend digital innovation for Finance, AgTech, Smart Cities, Renewable Energy and Automobile. With a global network and ecosystem of partners with industry prominence We are poised to transform the trade alternatives in the new economy by promoting co creation of ideas, finance and trade for economic growth and sustainable development. Would you wish you a Hub in Africa as the next destination from Europe, Asia, The America's, Atlantic, Australia and Antarctica to find expressions for growth in Africa? Then chose us

Agbugba Dr. Ikechi

Groupe Kassoum Coulibaly (KC GROUP)

ReEnergy Africa

Africa Council of Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship (ACOSBE)

W&H Solar

Simbatu Limited

Simbatu is Africa's No1 marketplace for high quality and affordable clean energy solutions. We are aggregators and distributors of clean energy products and accessories from globally reputable brands and manufacturers from Europe, Asia and Africa. Through out retail stores, agents and online shop (, we will provide last mile access to clean energy products and services for the Nigerian market and extending to other African markets.

Aquahara Technology GmbH

In many regions where seawater desalination is not available and lakes, rivers and groundwater wells are depleted, extracting water from the air can be a more convenient and economical solution than paying for water truck deliveries. Especially for house owners not connected to a public water network. After 4 years of research and development, we are now launching the Aquahara Water Pavilion, the most efficient solar water generator, producing around 200 liters (52 gallons) of water per day through all seasons with just over 100 m² (1000 sq. ft.) of solar collectors. This is sufficient to supply water to your whole house and makes you independent from unreliable water sources. The Aquahara Water Pavilion uses a fully renewable and highly efficient process with a concentrated salt solution to extract water from the air even in a dry desert climate. It does not require any external power. And the best: the water is pure and tastes great. Our system is more cost-effective than any other water-from-air solution. Competitors have systems based on grid or generator electricity (often this means burning fossil fuels). Our systems includes all the solar modules and is completely green and autonomous.

Safe and Healthy Energy Zambia Limited

EuroAfri Link

EuroAfri Link EuroAfri Link is a social enterprise which specializes in connecting African agribusinesses to European entrepreneurs and investors in agriculture. Our aim is also to attract investments for projects in Africa which close the gender gap and create a win-win collaboration that is free, inclusive, sustainable and fair. With our research-informed practices and expert market know-how, EuroAfri Link acts as the mediator in business transactions between the African producers and the European off takers/Buyers, helps African entrepreneurs to connect to seed capital investment for their business growth in agriculture, renewable energy, water and housing projects that have a strong impact potential and safe for investment, provide counselling to African professionals seeking to study at accredited agri and tech universities and institutions in Europe.

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences is a state-accredited university that offers Bachelor's, Master's and MBA programmes in English and German. Our six schools combine modern management and entrepreneurship, media and creative industries, technology and IT, music and sound design in modern study programmes. We focus on hands-on projects in small groups, an individual learning experience and personal supervision by lecturers with real business experience. Facts & Figures: part of SRH Holding, a leading private provider of educational and health care services in Germany 2000 students at 5 Campuses in Berlin, Dresden and Hamburg 47 English-taught Bachelor's, Master's and MBA programmes 44% of our students are from abroad students from over 95 nations study at SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences 100 partner universities worldwide

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BEAPCapital Limited

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