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Storymaker is one of the strongest communications agencies from southern Germany, with offices in Tübingen, Munich and Shanghai. With story consulting and content production, the agency has been helping companies communicate their brand and innovations responsibly and sustainably since 2001. The agency's clients are primarily technology-driven companies in the fields of information technology, engineering, mechanical engineering, automotive, telecommunications and consumer electronics. In international business, the focus is on East Asia, with special expertise in Japan and China. Storymaker was the first German public relations agency to offer its services directly from China. Since 2007, binational teams in Tübingen and Shanghai have been supporting clients from the first workshop to implementation and evaluation - in German, Chinese and English. The story of a company or organization, a product or a person is always at the center of the services. With story development, corporate communications, public relations for trade, business or lifestyle media, marketing and experiential communications, digital communications and social media, corporate publishing, content development and video, the agency covers the communicative accompaniment of the customer journey.

Aston ITM, s.r.o.

Aston ITM is a software development company that comes with their own AI-based software product named CAR CHECK. The software is able to check quality, content and trustworthiness of photos of a car that is going to be insured. All of those in a self-service way. CAR CHECK aims to help insurance companies with the process of risk assessment prior to the underwriting to eliminate fraud risks and ultimately to improve mutual trust with clients. Aston ITM has 25 years of experience in delivering digital sales and care solution for finance and utilities. They want to progress in automation and self-service orientation of these industries by using ML and AI in visual computing and they are creating new responses for their challenges.

Kognitive Manufacturing Tech SRL

KFactory is in the first wave of Industry 4.0 start-ups that innovate the manufacturing industry and optimize a specific core process in all sectors - production line performance management - the most important issue for executives in the manufacturing industry. KFactory integrates new technologies, such as IoT and Machine Learning into the manufacturing process, transforming the classic process into a new one, in which industrial equipment, orders, operators and support teams are actors in a well-orchestrated digital process. The integration of artificial intelligence components in the process is truly revolutionary, with KFactory understanding the behaviour of variables that influence performance relative to the production process. The KFactory Core platform collects data from several sources (from equipment, other systems, external events) and analyses them in the context of operator behaviour, detecting risk patterns and notifying decision makers about potential problems. The collected data is delivered either according to the fast analysis component, which manages the process in real time and detects anomalies, or the advanced analysis component, which includes complex scenarios. The notification of those responsible can be done on several channels (for example: SMS).

Hermia Business Development Ltd

China Chapter

At EUTECH China Chapter we help European companies to soft land in Chinese market and we build bridges between Europe and China using the right technologies to develop more sustainable business. Our goals: - Strengthen European innovation capabilities by matching our advocates with both public and private Chinese institutions. - Promoting a cleaner and more sustainable way of doing business in China. - Support European companies in their expansion or growth in China.

ThinkMade Engineering & Consulting Dr. Ruth Houbertz


Briefery developed a Digital transformation and on-going Analytics solution turning the entire organization’s workflows (assignment of tasks, escalation, communication, etc.), in the plant, transparent and visible to the operations to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Operating from Israel with partners across Europe, Briefery enables easy and scalable migration to Industry 4.0 to increase efficiency, productivity and competitiveness. Briefery’s mobile-first, no-code solution, is fast to adapt and deploy. Practically, you can digitize your workflows and collect data within hours and have insight instantly. Its insight analytics enables monitoring of the OEE/OLE (overall equipment effectiveness) over time and drill down to identify root cause.

VML Y&R Commerce China

VMLY&R COMMERCE, a new end-to-end “Creative Commerce Company” combining the talent and scale of two thriving global offerings. VMLY&R COMMERCE will operate as a distinct company within the VMLY&R global network. WPP agencies Geometry and VMLY&R will bring together their respective commerce capabilities to provide world-leading expertise and delivery for clients at a time of unprecedented global growth in e-commerce. VMLY&R COMMERCE will be led by Global Chief Executive Officer Beth Ann Kaminkow, currently Global CEO of Geometry. VMLY&R COMMERCE will be central to the VMLY&R network’s total brand and customer experience offering. It will help connected brands grow by unifying client strategies around commerce to drive both brand equity and conversion. China team supports international brands landing in china with comprehensive go to market strategies and empower China brands venturing to international markets via our global network of experts.

NETC Europe B.V.

Bookya BV - Gateway to China

How can you profile yourself as a Western artist on the Chinese internet and be successful while also gathering more fans? These were some of the questions that led to the founding of our company called GTC (Gateway to China) which started as a Dutch-Chinese business collaboration in early 2018. In practice GTC literally functions as a gateway for Western artists, management and the organizations surrounding them. It provides them a smooth entrance to the complicated world of the Chinese internet and her many apps that benefit growth and dissemination of music and PR. After launching the concept of a cross-cultural platform at Dancefair Conference 2018 Gateway To China steadily started growing her network of partners and clients and currently represents dozens of artists, of which a substantial number of DJ Mag Top 100 listed names. While adapting to the covid-crisis during 2020 a strong focus was put on developing new business strategies and services to offer apart from Chinese social media marketing. In 2021 GTC came out stronger than ever with an improved team of partners and new forms of business in development that allow artists and management to monetize their presence in China while not being able to travel there yet in order to play shows. This led to the development of a service that focuses on selling authentic Western merchandise items to Chinese fans and the creation of a Chinese booking app on Wechat, which is aimed at finding suitable artists for Chinese event promoters, clubs and festivals. In other words, Gateway to China is ready to take cross-cultural business to the next level and bridging the gap between business and culture from East to West while providing a 24/7 service that benefits clients from California to New Zealand and everything in between!

Exonicus LLC

Trauma management skills are highly vital for any and every person working in the medical sector. Although conventional learning methods are effective, they are often prohibitive due to their cost and lack of audiovisual feedback and stimuli. Exonicus is a Latvian start-up specializing in creating VR simulation scenarios for practicing trauma management skills. By cooperating with medical professionals across Europe and USA, Exonicus can provide highly realistic training solutions to doctors across the globe. Exonicus has recently won a contract with the Latvian Ministry of Defense and the developer for a contract with the US Department of Defense. This proves that the product is highly developed and desired within the B2G sphere. Trauma Simulator, Exonicus‘ main product, is already in the final stages of development, with several exciting new functions, including multi-player, multiple-patient-treatment, and the possibility to customize individual scenarios. The staff of Exonicus consists of talented software developers, who, by cooperating with professionals of military and academic background, are creating the next in trauma management education. This technology platform provides real-life simulated training, enabling military and civilian medical personnel training, just like a flight simulator for pilots-in-training.

Hyperganic Technologies AG

Hyperganic provides a software platform for advanced design and engineering of parts, structures and entire machines of extreme complexity. Objects are created using Artificial Intelligence and output on advanced industrial 3D printers. This new paradigm transcends limitations of traditional design, engineering and production processes. Hyperganic has been working with the leading companies, engineers, designers and scientists all over the world. Though it was founded in 2015, it’s just now ready to reveal what its powerful algorithms can do. As a deep-tech Software Company transforming additive manufacturing, Hyperganic also believes in the diversity of cultures, nationalities, opinion and gender, since a diverse company DNA allows to be resilient in a fundamentally changing world.


eviom GmbH

Denogen Biothech Co. (CN)

Deno Gen (Beijing) Biotech Co., Ltd. is a Chinese national high-tech enterprise in R&D, production and sales of diagnostic reagents and automated testing equipment. The company's base has two technical platforms for reagents and equipment, including dual-innovation R & D center models for automated equipment and diagnostic reagents in United States and China as preliminary research and development, and domestic pilot production and industrial production. Reagent matching instruments or instrument integration is the company's core competitiveness. Deno Gen is the world's second core technology company with independent intellectual property rights to develop and manufacture gold standard (sanger) sequencing and capillary electrophoresis (CE) equipment (U1 gene analyzer). Facing COVID-19 crisis, Deno Gen responded quickly, developed and produced a new coronavirus (SARS-COV-2) nucleic acid detection kit (reverse transcription PCR fluorescent probe method). Deno Gen also launched the immune reagent product line and launched the "New Coronavirus IgG / IgM antibody rapid detection kit (colloidal gold method)" to cooperate with nucleic acid detection. At present, COVID-19 Pandemic is spreading all over the world, and Deno Gen is producing with full power. At the same time, it has obtained EU CE related qualifications and will play a role in the global fight against the Pandemic. In addition to its self-produced capacity, Deno Gen will also fully utilize its various resource relationships in China, and has the ability to integrate materials including detection reagent, equipment and PPE related products.


BIOCREW Healthcare

Rezolve LTD

Rezolve is a new mobile engagement platform that can turn any merchant app into a super app! Unique interactive capabilities will transform the way consumers engage with you via mobile, leading to increased sales, high-quality consumer engagement and improved loyalty. With ‘Rezolve Inside’, merchants can connect with consumers through a suite of unique mobile-centric ways, including the consumer's location, to drive footfall, boost in-app sales and finally leverage your investment in the mobile proposition.

MedCare AI

ComOn Enterprise GmbH

TBô Bodywear is the world’s first DirectByConsumer brand. Through its own technology, TBô lets customers — the 400,000-strong Tribe — decide the brand’s direction and which products get made. Led by the community, TBô develops the most sustainable, comfortable everyday underwear — from water-saving, eco-friendly and biodegradable raw materials that make you look and feel great. This model minimizes waste, increases conversions and builds loyalty. Co-founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 2017 by Roy Bernheim and Allan Perrottet, TBô’s innovative, sustainable bodywear now sells in more than 120 countries worldwide.


Selling srl

Sell In-To China is a digital cross border platform to sell directly in China. It allows companies to connect directly to China through social channels and marketplaces used by 98% of the Chinese population to make their purchases. The platform manages the entire sales process, from picking to delivery of products, paying companies in Euro. STORE MANAGEMENT CHINESE DESIGN AND TRANSLATIONS SHIPPING AND DELIVERY MANAGEMENT CUSTOMER SERVICE PAYMENTS IN EURO MONTHLY REPORT


Sahel Direct Business and Consultancy


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