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About Us We are a group of multicultural and multidisciplinary experts that understands the challenge of growing and expanding businesses. Our skills in Business Development, Communication and Landing processes are based on our vast dedicated experiences while dealing with different countries in the world. We share our 30 years business experience knowledge of these markets to guide you through a smooth process that will help you save time, safeguard your investments and speed up your business growth. We support European companies in their journey towards success in Latin American markets. WE SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE To connect innovative ideas To expand your business To increase your knowledge

Neben Consulting

NEBEN CONSULTING offers practical advice and accompaniment to companies to support them in their internationalization processes, taking part and being involved in their projects. The term NEBEN means “next to” in German and this is the core of Neben consulting: work next to companies. Founded in 2018, NEBEN CONSULTING is based on the experience of Conchi Aranguren Laflin, who has worked for 25+ years in the Spanish machine tool sector, focused in internationalization, marketing and sales areas and Carlota De Font Degives, who brings her professional career, over almost 25 years, in the commercial and marketing areas of the medical, agri-food and industrial sector and Ander Caballero, who contributes a vast global network and 15+ years of international experience in management, business development, business diplomacy and public affairs. NEBEN is: PROFESSIONALISM, PROXIMITY, DEDICATION, INVOLVEMENT, HONESTY, CONFIDENCE & CONFIDENTIALITY CLIMATE.

Instituto de Innovacion Legal

Latin America Chapter

Identification and transmission of opportunities, analysis, white papers, communication, matching opportunities in LatAm. Promote technologies with sustainable impact and ESG in business for the greater good and build bridges with technology and innovation and enable European entrepreneurs to expand to Latin American markets for a sustainable future. Special Focus on: *Awareness + Information : Increase awareness on business opportunities in LatAm among European companies. *Expansion: Liaise and facilitate business expansion of European companies in LatAm and build long-term partnerships. *Sustainability: Boost the achievement in Latin America on sustainability based on SDGs. With great technology comes great responsibility - Technology Obliges!

Engelbrecht Global Consulting

Engelbrecht Global Consulting is based in the Netherlands and provides advisory, project management and implementation, and interim management services for Smart City Digital Infrastructure Development.



HumanAZ - Conectando Propósitos

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Stratesys is a multinational company specialized in digital services and one of the biggest specialists in SAP and OpenText technologies. Its offices and expert centers offer service to all the countries and markets in which it operates. Stratesys is internationally present in several countries and locations of Europe and specially Latin America, where the strategy will be focused in 2021-2023. STratesys holds multiple international experiences, executing projects and giving service to over 60 countries. The establishment of international partnership agreements with its strategic partners (SAP, OpenText, Salesforce, Microsoft, etc.) confirms its condition as global specialists and reference technological partner to accompany its clients in their internationalization processes. Stratesys has a valuable experience in multiple industries, such as telecommunications, energy, construction, consumer goods, retail, chemical, life sciences, banking, healthcare, insurance… To whom offer innovative solutions, always adapted to the specific requirements of each sector, as well as a high level of specialization and professionalism of its work team. Its identity hallmarks are knowledge, innovation, specialization and quality and with these Stratesys helps its clients define, implement and evolve in their technological and digital strategies.

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