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ByteConsult GmbH

Innovate | Integrate | Activate For over two decades ByteConsult is supporting companies and municipalities in their digital transformation and opens up paths to the networked ecosystems of the future. Our customers include top brands, hidden champions, but also cities and municipalities. We call our mission RESULTING. We translate inspiring visions and innovative ideas into clear and ambitious goals, which we make transparently measurable using standardized models and tools. Effect control is always part of our services. We ensure sustainable success. To do this, we enable people and organizations to independently ensure their long-term success. We build the necessary technical and organizational infrastructures as well as skills and competencies in a targeted manner and ensure intrinsic motivation. To activate strategic business goals with the maximum power of digital transformation, we develop and operationalize strategies, integrate digital systems and processes, and change ways of thinking and working. In order to provide our customers with services of highest quality, we focus on areas of activity in which our teams of experts contribute their extensive skills. In this way, in conjunction with strong cooperation partners, we can position highly qualified top performers across the entire range of digitization of marketing and sales. Welcome, to the Resulting Company!

M&P Holding

The European Technology Chamber is a registered NGO, which enables European businesses to use their technologies for the benefit of Europe and mankind. Being true to our vision “Technology Obliges“.

Matrix Target Ltd.

John von Saurma - creative possibilities Digital marketing network since 2005. 20 years supporting and accompanying of international brands from the B2C and B2B sector. Marketing Generalist, Digital Transformer, Content Marketing Specialist, Founder. John’s focus is: Development and implementation of digital marketing strategies, agency management and stakeholder communication. This includes the selection of suitable service providers, strategic planning, controlling and implementation of digital campaigns. John is your digital strategy Consultant in the Inc. and midmarket segment. John is specialized in an agile way of working (CSPO) and has a very good understanding of UX, UI & Customer Journey. John offers you development of ideas, creative concept design, digital media leadership, creative Communication and Design Thinking. John explains your digital playing field and optimizes your activities among with the help of Buyer Persona Workshops and Inbound Methodic.

Katimex Cielker GmbH

Katimex is a classic owner-run company located in Juenkerath and within a short distance of both the Belgium and Luxembourg borders, as well as close to the Rhine-Ruhr area. As an international producer and distributor of cable laying equipment, Katimex connects smart solutions with German made quality. With more than 40 years of market expertise and innovative technologies, Katimex supports companies in the domestic, fibre optic, and power cable laying sector. The three-step distribution channel (manufacturer-wholesaler/distributor and end-user) offers customized solutions for any kind of cable laying requirements. Katimex is characterized by a lean management team that stands for a sustainable use of resources as well as ecological and social awareness. For instance, the co-operation with handicap workshops supports social integration and acceptance. The cultural diversity of Katimex employees is one of the most important assets and the key to the success of the whole supply chain.

German Chapter

Meerflasche GmbH

Ou young and dynamic socio-ecological start-up Meerflasche GmbH revolutionizes our everyday life with their sustainable mission to reduce waste radically. Our state-of-the-art 3-in-1 technology, the invented sustainable multifunctional bottle unda, aims to alleviate environmental pollution caused by disposable single-use bottles and cups and raise the awareness of companies and individuals for environment protection.

Mesh Consulting

As a 'boutique' mesh. provides customized services for strategy development and transformation. Its consultants and interims manager provide tailored services along the whole strategy process and combine state-of-the-art methods. Cross-functionally. Correspondingly, it 'meshes' the best of relevant worlds: industry & consulting experience, customer centrism + DNA, traditional insight techniques + agile methods, market leaders + hand-picked partners. With their experience as industry managers and consultants in DAX30 corporations, mesh. knows ‘both worlds’ and are trusted partners of their clients and project partners. They support them in developing, transforming and realizing brands, products and services that succeed expectations and delight customers sustainably. At the same time, mesh. leverages their comprehensive project management experience and regard themselves as problem solver and future builder. Story building and telling are their strengths and passion thus they are at their client’s side when internal and external stakeholders need to be steered diplomatically and efficiently. As one-stop-partner, they offer ‘solutions with one face to the customer’ and access to a unique network of experts at the same time. Being a boutique, they do only cooperate with handpicked partners who are quality leaders in their field of expertise. This allows clients to develop premium solutions for highly dynamic markets in a fast and efficient manner: As one major point of contact, mesh. does significantly reduce the complexity that is usually caused when working with diverse, small and changing partners. Last but never least, the mesh. team is passionate about their work and perfectionists. That does not mean that they do not believe in entrepreneurial skills and instincts. However, they have taken measures to ensure quality throughout their projects and processes. One is their Strategic Approach that allows them to systematically leverage their experience, competence and network. Despite mesh.’s strong heritage in Automotive, Mobility and Pharma, the team is thus able to support clients across industries and has a track record ranging from premium automotive OEMs and EV start-ups via insurances to diverse medium-sized businesses.

Omnicom Media Group Germany

Omnicom Media Group Germany which is a part of Omnicom, a leading worldwide group for communications, advertising, and marketing services. With OMD, PHD and Hearts & Science, the group encompasses three media networks in Germany. In their core business, the agencies support and advise more than 200 well-known advertisers in the areas of strategy, communication, media planning and buying as well as optimization and research. In addition, Omnicom Media Group Germany occupies other fields of transformation: The Data & Performance division consists of agency brands such as annalect (data-driven marketing solutions), Resolution Media (performance marketing), M,P,Newmedia (branding & performance) and Trakken Web Services (digital analytics & conversion optimization). Strategic business consulting is embedded in Brain Consulting and annalect Consulting which is the second field of transformation. The Omnicom Media Group also includes the specialist teams of the agencies areasolutions (communication in public spaces) and OMG FUSE (digital communication). The aim of all agencies and divisions of Omnicom Media Group Germany is to help customers increase the value of their communication. The agencies of Omnicom Media Group Germany are represented by more than 1,500 employees at seven locations in Germany.

Prinz Immoblilien Consulting GmbH

Prinz Immobilien Consulting GmbH (P&P) is a subsidiary company of Mull and Partner Group and offers a wide range of advice and support along the entire value chain of your property. The experienced team of P&P along with its expert network of engineers, architects and many other specialists eliminates time- and cost-intensive interfaces and offers a holistic approach to planning and realizing your project. • P&P offers a wide range of services in all aspects of real estate such as research, market and site analysis (also contaminated sites), development schemes, acquisition, market analysis, lease and sales services, real estate concepts to achieve economically feasible solutions, identifying risks and trends • P&P assists a vast variety of companies and investors with their specific needs, whether they need new office locations, shops, development sites, finding a new location to lease or assist in developing their own project • P&P advises its customers on environmental aspects like the integration of smart city concepts, sustainability and climate improvement • P&P optimizes development and building procedures by solving planning issues, minimizing delays, restraints and restrictions by working closely with local governments and departments • P&P utilizes a large network of qualified and experienced professionals throughout all branches of real estate thus benefiting from their expertise and knowledge • P&P advises and guides investors and developers throughout the course of development and arranges sale-and-lease-back options or sale if wanted. P&P operates from its headquarters in Cologne as well as its second office in Munich. Due to the large network and supplementary company locations of M&P Group, nationwide projects can easily be managed.

Rvmagnetics, a.s.

RVmagnetics R&D company introduces the future of contactless sensing with their smallest passive sensor in the world. RVmagnetics helps overcome sensing obstacles and provide temperature, pressure and other physical quantities from otherwise inaccessible spaces, presence of strong electric or magnetic fields and harsh chemical conditions. Company is focusing on areas that includes Composite materials, Electric Motors, Battery Smartification, Medical Technologies, Construction and Civil Engineering, Transportation and Logistics, Anti-Counterfeit and Assembly.

Instillo GmbH

Instillo GmbH, founded in 2010, is the initiator of the Instillo Group with its group companies and specializes in the development and exploitation of highly innovative technologies. Instillo group consolidates the offers of an independent group of companies, which operates over 20 countries worldwide, and supplies them with administrative support. Its core technology are microreactors focused on the development, testing and manufacturing of products for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, as well as the biotechnology and food industries, as well as technical areas with a particular focus on the use of nanoparticles and microparticles. It is a fast growing group with a wide range of pharmaceutical services from development through registration to commercialization which is realised by the companies MJR PharmJet GmbH and Quasaar GmbH. Instillo group companies extend their competence for the customers from food, cosmetics and technical particles by nanoSaar AG which is the exclusive licence holder of MicroJet Reactor technology for non-pharmaceuticals.

Sharesuite GmbH

PolyCare Research Technology

PolyCare was founded in 2010 in Gehlberg / Thuringia. The purpose of the company is the research and development in the field of polymer concrete with the aim of producing affordable, comfortable and safe (emergency) accommodation by means of pluggable polymer concrete elements. PolyCare achieves the rapid creation of decent living and usable space through an innovative use of polymer concrete. Compared to cement concrete, polymer concrete has outstanding physical properties and the additional advantage that it hardens within a few hours. The recipe developed by PolyCare is based on inexpensive polyester resin, requires significantly less resin than conventional polymer concrete and at the same time allows the use of inexpensive filling material such as desert sand . Another advantage is that around four cubic meters of building material can be created from one cubic meter of polymer concrete. Very high flexural and compressive strengths allow the end products to be dimensioned with thin walls. The PolyCare concept is suitable for industrial mass production. The production quantity depends primarily on the number of dosing and mixing units. A dosing and mixing unit produces an average of 30 kg of polymer concrete per minute, which means that around 400 houses (60 m² living space) or around 50 schools can be produced per year in a two-shift system. With a one-time investment of 1.65 million € for the required factory equipment (including moulds, organisation costs and material for the first houses) and a depreciation period of 15 years, the costs for the factory per built house amount to only 275 €.

AIMS-Int.-Germany GmbH

“We find and grow your leaders”, as the slogan states, AIMS International is an integrated, highly-specialised consultancy with a single goal: to discover, assess and help develop toplevel talent. As an accomplished business leader, you will have experienced the need to build and retain executive teams able to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by the economic, digital and political trends reshaping the current global business environment. With more than 270 consultants in 50 countries, AIMS International is effectively positioned to operate across the international business scene in an entrepreneurial and non-bureaucratic manner by consulting with clients to align company culture with competencies and methodologies whilst providing insight into how leadership capabilities can support business strategies. AIMS International delivers a customized consulting approach throughout 9 global practices: Automotive & Mobility, Energy & Natural Resources, Financial & Professional Services, Consumer, Industrial, Media & Technology, Life Sciences, Board Services and Talent Management.

Nano Terra AG

LEADING THE WAY INTO THE FUTURE NanoTerra AG designs and produces cement additives for road construction. NanoTerra products are liquid polymers, made in Germany, which substantially improve the performance of cement. These products help save cost and time during the construction of roads and pathways, increase their durability, and contribute to protecting the environment and saving resources.

MiVote Technology

E: E Consulting GmbH

GL Gießerei Lößnitz GmbH

The Gießerei Lößnitz GmbH (GL) is a medium-sized company founded in 1849 in Lößnitz. The Gießerei Lößnitz range of services includes the casting of handmade castings, tool casting and full mould casting based on wood or styrofoam models and templates. The main focus of the three-times-weekly casting process is the production of iron castings for automotive toolmaking by means of full mould casting. Since 1992 the company has been privatized again and has an owner-operated management. Among the approximately 800 foundries in Germany, GL is one of the 131 iron foundries (cf. Bguss 2017). Major customers in the automotive industry include well-known German car manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, Daimler and Porsche. Further companies such as Salzgitter AG, EDAG Automotive Engineering or KWD Automotive AG & Co. KG are also part of the customer base. Gießerei Lößnitz is Germany's first climate-neutral foundry providing customers with quality cast iron. The foundry Lößnitz GmbH has invested 5 million euros to reduce emissions. The Kappa Ekon® filter system reduces energy consumption and residual dust by a good third. This improves the air around the factory premises.

Go for the 100

Go for the 100 is a consulting company specialized on company growth for hidden champions and tech companies. It was founded by the leadership advisor, author and speaker Paula Brandt. With a small team of experts, she works as a sparring partner for owners in the field of technology and innovation. Since the clients of Go for the 100 are usually fast growing and therefore advanced in their organization and leadership, they require strategies which lay the ground for their continued future growth, e.g. to - attract the best applicants available on the market - increase locality among their existing employees - create a high-performance team focused on their clients - refine their organization structures to adapt to market changes and thus to lay the base for future growth. Under the leadership of Paula Brandt, they have developed several hands-on approaches for these topics which allow owners to make a leap on these topics. She takes her knowledge from a 20-years-career within companies such as Microsoft and as owner of a fast growing IT-company.

Fokus Zukunft GmbH+Co KG

Fokus Zukunft GmbH & Co. KG is an industry-independent, external sustainability consultancy based in Starnberg, Germany. The company offers its clients a wide range of services in the field of ecological and social sustainability. Nowadays, companies are facing the challenges of meeting ever higher standards of ecological and socially exemplary behavior, Fokus Zukunft will help you in this regard. Fokus Zukunft’s special focus is on voluntary carbon neutrality, which is based on the calculation of the CO₂ footprint, analyses of CO₂ saving potentials and the compensation of unavoidable emissions with high-quality certificates. With the purchase of these emission certificates, climate protection projects in developing and emerging economies are supported. Focus on the future - Fokus Zukunft will make you fit for sustainability.


SUMAGO is a German online marketing agency based in Berlin. SUMAGO has a strong focus on SEO, content marketing and innovative visual concepts that are developed in the SUMAGO-owned WYLDER Motion Studio. SUMAGO also hosts a number of annual events, such as the renowned SEO CAMPIXX and CONTENTIXX conferences taking places every year at the Müggelsee in the south of Berlin, attracting thousands of visitors from the industry. The agency’s main clientele is SME looking to improve their online presence by means of SEO or content marketing. Starting from 2019, SUMAGO has started to work more intensively in the field of 3D visualizations, 360° video and virtual spaces. This ultimately led to the founding of WYLDER Motion Studio and the creation of the Open Digital City (ODC), a virtual marketing city. With WYLDER Motion Studio, SUMAGO provides small- and large-scale virtual spaces of identification, ranging from showrooms for small businesses to entire cities. SUMAGO strongly believes that VR is an additional option for the future of websites and one major step for businesses to set themselves apart. SUMAGO also believes that virtual spaces of identification can help in many ways to support ecological, social and cultural initiatives and we are currently already supporting such initiatives by provides free spaces in the ODC. We are eager to become more invested in this area and to further support achieving the SDG goals.


With locations in 10 cities, more than 250 employees, and an IT Service Center, CEMA is one of Germany’s leading midsized IT service providers. They deliver end-to-end IT solutions that are efficient, future-proof and enable our customers to meet the demands of the digital age. To achieve this, CEMA combines the service portfolio of a large company with the agility of a medium-sized company. Combined with a corporate culture that is based on human closeness, appreciation and an eye-to-eye consulting philosophy. Dedicated to assist its customers with their digital transformation needs, CEMA provides IT business consulting, implementation projects, Managed & Cloud Services, e-procurement platform, as well as IT Security solutions and services from a single source. In addition, CEMA’s customers will benefit from the direct support from their seasoned IT specialists, who combine more than 2,000 years of experience from demanding IT projects of diverse sizes and across all industries.


Reizel & Reichenberger GmbH

Christine Kraft

Magility GmbH

Magility is a technology-oriented management consultancy for internationally operating industries. According to its slogan “Let’s do great things together”, its main focus is creating new and promising things together with its customers by jointly developing and implementing new and innovative business models. Magility also help to adapt proven business models to the current challenging environment in a way that its customers can survive in the market based on its own innovations or by adapting those from HighTech startups from magility startup-network. Magility's portfolio currently consists of three complementary consulting products: Technology & Innovation Consulting, Market Entry & Startup Support, and Strategy Consulting for New Business Models - with a focus on digital business transformation, cyber security and sustainability. With an industry experience of over 25 years, Magility consultants have access to a broad network in the automotive and mobility sectors as well as in the industry 4.0, the construction industry and smart city sector. Magility has already successfully partnered with various Israeli HighTech startups entering these sectors in Germany and Europe. Magility's market development creates long-term value for the clients' organizations as well as for their markets and relationships. Magility paves the way from the start-up phase, through the growth phase and financing rounds, to the exit and post-merger integration. Magility supports the implementation of appropriate tailor-made activities by providing strategic consulting, technology studies, market development and market entry including sales support as well as project management for its clients.

Müge Cöteli

EU TECH Marketing

Jokari Krampe GmbH

SGMI Management Institut St. Gallen

SGMI Institute of Management St. Gallen: one of the most renowned, international business schools in the German-speaking countries. Demanding, practice-oriented management development. Consulting services that make a lasting impact. Based on the St. Gallen Management Approach. We stand for professional and social competence. And a network of management peers.

Centria University of Applied Sciences

Benelux Chapter

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Benelux Chapter

Otone European Affairs

Otone European Affairs advises on how to achieve the better solution when setting up regulatory framework conditions by building bridges to different stakeholder communities in their spaces. A reliable and trustful dialogue with the right interlocutors is a precondition for a better orientation while building up a sustainable business model.

UK Chapter

Yourscience BC Ltd

Yoursciencebc Ltd is a UK company based in London since 2019. Yoursciencebc is a technology advisory, which makes technology a business and improve businesses with the most suitable technology. The company is the beating heart of a worldwide network of knowledge and expertise in the field of R&D, especially in the Aerospace, Biomed and Advanced Materials. Yoursciencebc contributes to make knowledge and research impactful upon everyone’s lives, promoting and exploiting technology in a fair and sustainable way, based upon thoughtful R&D carried out for everyone's benefit. The company supports startups and research centres, by integrating their R&D projects both with technological and business skills, bridging the gap with the market. Yoursciencebc also helps enterprises in improving their products, services and processes through technologies, providing them with a high-level technology transfer, scouting and development service. Thanks to its proprietary methodologies, the company also conducts very granular and quantitative survey on specific technology markets, making the customer aware of all the issues and opportunities. Yoursciencebc pursues an approach based on knowledge transfer, delivering a consultancy service strongly looking at coaching and training.

UK Chapter

European Senate

Peter Lacke GmbH

PETER/LACKE is a customer-oriented, medium-sized group of companies with more than 100 years of cross-industry experience in the development and production of high-quality coating systems. Today´s focus is on market segments products of the Automotive, Lifestyle and Glass industry. Our success is based on direct and professional communication with the customer and a global network with own production sites in 9 countries worldwide. In this way, PETER/LACKE guarantees tested and consistent quality standards as well as security of supply - worldwide. The PETER/LACKE Group is managed in the fifth generation by owner David N. Peter.

Universitätsklinikum Leipzig

Every year some 400,000 people from Germany and abroad entrust their health to University of Leipzig Medical Center. The hospital's employees – doctors, nursing and administrative personnel along with staff employed by external contractors – assist patients back to health and well-being. University of Leipzig Medical Center is distinguished by the highest standards of quality, its human touch, highly qualified employees, state-of-the-art technology and its outstanding cost-effectiveness. With the exception of cardiac surgery, all areas of medicine are represented. Providing excellent, high-quality medicine, University of Leipzig Medical Center is one of the just two maximum care hospitals in Saxony. University of Leipzig Medical Center enjoys one of the most advanced structural and technical infrastructures in Europe. Minimally invasive surgery, the computer-assisted planning and performance of operations, unique diagnostic possibilities, the development and application of new types of therapy, and the optimum interdisciplinary networking of the individual specialist disciplines ensure the highest quality of patient care. Given that support from research and development are part of the core tasks of university medicine, University of Leipzig Medical Center is inseparably linked with the university's Faculty of Medicine. Intensive research is conducted in the various institutes of the hospital and the faculty in the fields of human and dental medicine. The findings are directly put into practice by medical staff.

Scheelen AG

The SCHEELEN® AG is an internationally leading institute for talent profiling, personnel development, recruiting and leadership. The right talents for a company's success are identified, supported and developed by us through a combination of diagnostic processes and specialized consultancy services. As a family-run, mid-size consultancy, we operate in an international network of experts and trainers. Over the past 25 years, we have always applied an integrated approach in our field of business. At the same time, our own company demonstrates that growth, evolution and innovation work especially well, if one remains faithful to one’s business philosophy, if one decides not to rest on one’s laurels and if one stays focused on the benefit of all clients. Our references include renowned companies and over 1.000 partners. Currently the business group employs around 50 permanent and freelance staff members that are all highly qualified and enthusiastic employees in 5 Countries and with 6 Companies..

Altigi GmbH | Goodgame Studios

Goodgame Studios is a leading developer and publisher of gaming software, specializing in the free-to-play segment. Its focus is on mobile and browser games. The company offers games in 26 languages and has over 500 million registered users worldwide. Empire: Four Kingdoms – the world’s all-time highest grossing app produced by a German company – is part of Goodgame Studios’ portfolio. The games developer was founded in Hamburg in 2009. Apart from the head office in Germany, the company has a subsidiary in Tokyo. Since January 2018, Goodgame Studios has joined forces with Stillfront Group, a leading free-to-play powerhouse of gaming studios.

European Senate

The European Senate of Economy and Technology is a thinktank at European and supranational level. His Senators are highly regarded and honorable personalities from economy, politics and sciences. The aim is to provide support in solving the most important questions of our future – in the interests of the common good. The European Senate of Economy and Technology was founded by the Senate of Economy as a honorable council that advises the government in the interests of the common good and the European Technology Chamber (EUTEC) which is an international NGO committed to bringing people and organizations together who share the vision of building our collective future. EUTEC is the largest technology chamber in Europe. The European Senate is an association of the highest qualities of these two organizations and brings together their key massages: “Technology obliges – for the common good”

Nanopool GmbH

Nanopool® GmbH, based in Hülzweiler / Germany, is an innovative family company that has been developing sustainable high-performance protective layers for the functionalization of surfaces since 2002. The company has succeeded in developing long-term protection for almost all organic and inorganic materials, which protects surfaces on a natural basis and makes them more hygienic, durable and resistant. In particular, the ability of making surfaces repellent to pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and mould changes the living and working conditions of people significantly. All Nanopool® products are based on the latest scientific findings from interdisciplinary research. The effectiveness of the food-safe products, which have received numerous scientific and environmental awards, has been tested by recognized research laboratories and verified with certificates.

DiVis - Digital Vision GmbH

Toom Baumarkt GmbH

health h GmbH


SGMI Management Institut St. Gallen

SGMI Institute of Management St. Gallen: one of the most renowned, international business schools in the German-speaking countries. Demanding, practice-oriented management development. Consulting services that make a lasting impact. Based on the St. Gallen Management Approach. We stand for professional and social competence. And a network of management peers.

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